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From: Randy Leedy (
Date: Thu Sep 09 1999 - 09:23:09 EDT

About a month ago, I posted a notice making available an extended
review comparing Logos, BibleWorks, and GRAMCORD, giving special
attention to original-language work.

I found at that time that my attempt to embed the Greek and Hebrew
fonts failed, because I was using fonts that were coded to prevent
such embedding. Since then I have made arrangements with Linguist's
Software to embed in the document only those characters actually used
in the text, and I am now ready to distribute this update to the

There is little or no updating of the text itself; the only change is
that the Greek and Hebrew should now display properly.

To receive a .ZIP archive containing this review in Word 97 format,
send me an email with the SUBJECT field "review doc" (the quotes don't
matter). If you mention this review to a friend, please either forward
this email or else make sure he/she understands the instructions.
Using the subject field I specified will generate an automatic
response; the demands of a tight schedule make it problematic for me
to respond manually to numerous requests that do not trigger the
automatic reply.

I cannot make this file available in Word 6 format, because I cannot
accomplish the proper font embedding. Those who cannot read Word 97
files may receive a Rich Text Format (RTF) version of the file, which
should be readable in most word processors, by emailing me with the
subject field "review rtf".

Hope this proves helpful to a number of people. If anyone looks at or
has looked at either of these files on a Mac, using Word or some other
program, I'd appreciate hearing how well the files seemed to transfer
across platforms in terms of formatting details (footnotes, tables,
graphics, etc.).

Blessings! (Acts 3:26)

Randy Leedy
Bob Jones University

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