A new E-List dedicated to GMark

From: Jeffrey B. Gibson (jgibson000@mailhost.chi.ameritech.net)
Date: Thu Sep 09 1999 - 15:20:55 EDT

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With apologies for duplications and crosspostings:
<p>I am pleased to announce the launching of a new discussion List called
<p><b>Kata Markon</b> (The Gospel of Mark Discussion List) is a moderated
e-list dedicated to the scholarly discussion and evaluation of critical
questions surrounding&nbsp; the Gospel according to Mark. The purpose of
the List is to provide a forum outside of the usual arenas of printed journals
and monographs where these questions may be raised, entertained, and debated
. Additionally, <b>Kata Markon</b> is intended to be a venue in which those
working professionally in the field of Markan studies may post and receive
critical responses to papers or ideas that are in the process of development.
<p>For a further description of the List, its aim and scope, its protocols,
names of moderators, and instructions for subscribing,&nbsp; go to
<p>I look forward to your participation on the <b>Kata Markon</b> List.
<p>Jeffrey Gibson
<br>Jeffrey B. Gibson
<br>7423 N. Sheridan Road #2A
<br>Chicago, Illinois 60626
<br>e-mail jgibson000@ameritech.net


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