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Carl and all,
Thanks for your response, about the article being in the 3rd attributive

Daniel Christiansen asked:
> However, I wonder whether that was what you were asking? You seem
> to have been asking whether the article can come after its substantive:
> the answer is "no, it cannot." The "difficulty" with this passage, IMO,
> is not the placement of THi, but the absence of a substantive after the
> article. In other words, this article does not "go with" CARITI, but
> begins an attributive phrase which modifies CARITI. What you have here,
> is a third attributive position (noun-article-adjective), camouflaged by
> the omission of the adjectival.

That was precisely my difficulty. When I skimmed through Wallace
very quickly, I could not find a discussion on the position of the article,
although there was a discussion of the position of adjectives relative
to the article, and the substantive it modifies. So hence, what should have
been a really easy grammatical point became very difficult.

Alan Wong
M.div. candidate, Gordon-Conwell Seminary

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