Re: Do prepositions govern or merely clarify case functions in Koine Greek?

From: Ed Gorham (
Date: Sat Sep 11 1999 - 07:29:53 EDT

I too cast my vote for the 'brown paper bag" designation.

This not unlike Wallace's tongue-in-cheek definition of the descriptive
genetive as the "aporetic" genetive/"drip-pan" genetive/"black-hole"
genetive. APOREO means "I am at a loss". Wallace writes "this is the
category one should appeal to when another slot cannot be found. The title
is descriptive not of the genetive, but of the feeling one has in the pit
of his/her stomach for having spent so much time on this case and coming up
with nothing." (GGBB, p. 79).

-Ed Gorham

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