How about DE discourse?

From: Bryan Rocine (
Date: Wed Sep 15 1999 - 16:45:24 EDT

I think DE is a significant connective in Gk discourse,
right? Why do about half of the twenty or so Eng
translations I checked *not* translate it in Luke 17:7? I
ask because it seems to me that when the translators ignore
the particle here, they weaken a more explicit connection
between Jesus' description of the unprofitable servant and
the apostles' request, "Increase our faith!" Making use of
the connective DE, I suggest an outline vv. 5-10 as follows:

"Increase our faith"

2-fold Reply:
A. Faith's possibilities (mustard seed analogy)
DE ("but")
B. Believer's responsibility (unprofitable servant analogy)

What DE ye think?


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