Footnote of LXX Genesis 6:2

From: Maranatha Chung (
Date: Sat Sep 18 1999 - 13:36:37 EDT


I am trying to understand the footnote for Genesis 6:2
in Ralph's edition. It is like this:

6 2 uioi M] aggeloi Ar || 9 genea] genesei A+

What I don't understand is:
(1) If "M" is referring to codex M?
(2) What does "]" mean?
(3) What does "||" mean?
(4) I think I understand A is Codex
    Alexandrinus, but does that "r"
    superscript means for that particular
    word "uioi", it has been rescripted
    to "aggeloi" in A?


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