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Date: Sun Sep 12 1999 - 11:35:21 EDT

<x-flowed>You may like to know that several articles from "Biblica" on Markan topics
are available on-line, from the Biblica web-site at:

The articles are:
Kim, T.H., «The Anarthrous hUIOS TQEOU in Mark 15,39 and the
  Roman Imperial Cult», Vol. 79(1998) 222-241.

Haren, M. J.,«The Naked Young Man: a Historian‚s
     Hypothesis on Mark 14,51-52», Vol. 79(1998)

Weren, W.J.C., «The Use of Isaiah 5,1-7 in the Parable of the
  Tenants (Mark 12,1-12; Matthew 21,33-46)», Vol. 79(1998) 1-26.

For those with recently updated browsers, which can make use of dynamic
fonts, the articles can be read with the Greek and Hebrew characters
appearing correctly.

For those with older browsers, or who want to download the articles for
later perusal, all the necessary fonts ( in the SP series made available on
the SBL ) can be downloaded from the Biblica site.

There is a neat table of fonts, and their description, together with text
file on keyboard mapping.



Maurice A. O'Sullivan [ Bray, Ireland ]

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