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Date: Wed Sep 15 1999 - 08:46:07 EDT

Forthcoming from the S. Porter camp:

The Hellenistic
Greek Grammar
and Lexicography Project


The Hellenistic Greek Grammar and Lexicography Project is a multi-part project, largely in conjunction with the Biblical Greek Language Series, encompassing:

an elementary-level Greek grammar (S.E. Porter and J.T. Reed, Fundamentals of Biblical Greek [Biblical Languages, Greek, 1; Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press] [forthcoming 2000]), instructor‚s guide, and teaching software (S.E. Porter, M.B. O‚Donnell, and B.W.R. Pearson, Instructor‚s Manual to Fundamentals of Biblical Greek [BLG, 6; Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, forthcoming 2000]),

an intermediate grammar of New Testament Greek (S.E. Porter, Idioms of the Greek New Testament [BLG, 2; Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 2nd edn, 1994]),

an advanced reference grammar of Hellenistic Greek (S.E. Porter, C. Caragounis, M.B. O‚Donnell, B.W.R. Pearson, and J.T. Reed, Advanced Reference Grammar of Hellenistic Greek [BLG, 3; Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press] [forthcoming]),

a lexicon of Hellenistic Greek, using corpus-based linguistics and computer-tagged Hellenistic Greek texts (S.E. Porter, M.B. O‚Donnell and B.W.R. Pearson, Lexicon of Hellenistic Greek [BLG, 4; Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press] [forthcoming]),

a reader of advanced texts in Hellenistic Greek (S.E. Porter and B.W.R. Pearson, Advanced Texts in Hellenistic Greek [BLG, 5; Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, forthcoming 2000]), and

the Hellenistic Greek Text-Annotation Project (project director: S.E. Porter, project manager: M.B. O‚Donnell, project member: B.W.R. Pearson).

Supportive volumes in Greek grammar and linguistics are S.E. Porter and J.T. Reed (eds.), Discourse Analysis and the New Testament: Approaches and Results (Shefield: Sheffield Academic Press, forthcoming 1999); and S.E. Porter and D.A. Carson (eds.), The Greek of the New Testament: Critical Junctures (Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, forthcoming 1999).

This project, completed in some parts and underway in others, is the first co-ordinated approach to the world of Hellenistic Greek, and one which is making use of both a modern functional linguistic approach, as well as computer corpus-based technology to both annotate and analyse large bodies of Greek texts from the Hellenistic era. ---------------------------------------

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