Re: Old NT MS

From: Jack Kilmon (
Date: Thu Sep 23 1999 - 01:23:27 EDT

"C. E. Core" wrote:
> Dear Mitchell,
> I acquired a link to a page that claims to have information on a GK NT Papyri dating
> between 60 and 30 A.D. It is P64 and more information can be found at the following
> link.
> I don't now anything about this Papyri, perhaps someone else here can answer some
> questions that you might have concerning it.

Carsten Thiede, in support of his popular book, "Eyewitness to Jesus"
is the ONLY scholar who would date the Magdalen Papyri to the 1st
century. Every other qualified papyrologist and palaeographer in
the world disagrees. The papyri are late 2nd century and part of the
same codex as P4.



taybutheh d'maran yeshua masheecha am kulkon

Jack Kilmon

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