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From: David A. Bielby (
Date: Fri Sep 24 1999 - 10:03:59 EDT

Dear B-Greeker's

I'm so grateful to have B-Greek software to work with and it has
tremendously enhanced my study and ministry. I feel that it would be good
to share my experience with one very popular Windows based software
program. After hearing about a gentleman who used Logos to do all of his
Greek textual research for his Master's Thesis, I thought I should share
my experience with you in case some may be relying solely on Logos for

Several of the proximity operators do not function correctly, especially
biblical greek searches. If you search for 'agape within so many verses
or words of 'pistis' you may or may not receive the correct hits. For
some odd reason it is intermittent. You will always receive a list of
verses, but they may be missing some actual occurrences.

I discovered that the before word/after word functions also don't work
I notified the company in early 1998, and eventually spoke to the
president of Logos and
they are well aware of the problem. The failing functions have still not
been corrected, and may not be in the foreseeable future because they
require a major rewrite of the search engine. Perhaps users should
beware of relying on this program for proximity searches in B-Greek

This brings up an issue. Is it wise to rely on one single piece of
software for critical greek searches? Is it wise for us to rely on only
one database for research? It makes me want to dust off our old MacIntosh
and purchase another piece of software so that I can have the ability to
compare answers with totally different databases and search engines.
David Bielby
Normal, Illinois USA

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