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Jay: We can have fun with things, but that's not what we're essentially
on B-Greek for. The evolution issue is likely to offend someone (it
offends me, for that matter, but primarily because it's not a B-Greek
issue even for the sake of argument. The Umberto Eco piece was fun and
should be offensive to neither Protestants nor Catholics, but the last
thing we want to do is to get into a donnybrook, even over a matter
that's fun, between faith-commitments. We have to keep this forum open
to people of all faith-commitments and even to any who have none

At 4:21 PM -0400 9/25/99, Jay Stigdon wrote:

<excerpt>Brother Maurice;

         Fabulous article! Thanks for sending it.

         And so, fellow Greeklings, how close does this hit home to our
individual denominations?

          EN XRISTOS,

                                 Jay Stigdon

                        (windows user)


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