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Date: Mon Sep 20 1999 - 14:20:50 EDT

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>Subject: "Grammatical" Categories
>Date: Mon, Sep 20, 1999, 10:01 AM

> For example, we begin with a word that is clearly in the Genitive (or
> Genitive/Ablative) case. We immediately eliminate usages which are
> substantive (nominative) or objective (accusative) and begin a conscious or
> unconscious process of elimination to determine what meaning we find in the
> text.


Can we really "eliminate" syntax functions without reference to the
context? If I am not mistaken the genitive case can function as an Agent
with a participle (genitive absolute). The genitive can also function as
the Recipient of the action specified in a finite verb. So based on the
case form alone I don't think we can "eliminate" these functional
categories. What can be "eliminated" based on the case form alone is
really a fairly tricky and somewhat controversial question.


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I know that this is not the main point of your post. I am not responding to the main point but just looking at a related question raised by your statement as quoted. It is possible that we are actually agreeing with one another but I wanted to respond just to your statement as quoted.

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