Software review update

From: Randy Leedy (
Date: Thu Sep 23 1999 - 12:12:43 EDT

A few weeks ago, I made available an extended review comparing Logos,
BibleWorks, and GRAMCORD, available via email in Word format or RTF.
With the generous help of Charles Bradley, I can now offer that review
in Adobe's PDF format as well. A few Greek words look a little odd
when I view them on my screen (perhaps a display problem in my
system), but a printed copy looks fine. Instructions for getting a
copy of the review in any of these formats appear at the end of this

The review is now out of date at a few points. GRAMCORD has just
released very significant enhancements to its Hebrew and LXX modules.
Details are in the News/Updates section at Logos now
provides what is said to be a useful implentation of the TWOT. I
haven't yet seen it myself; it is available only as an unlock at extra
cost. BibleWorks is implementing a modest price increase soon and has
continued to sharpen and polish its product in relatively minor ways.

The bulk of the review, though, remains accurate. I do not know
whether or when I will be able to update it to reflect the
developments noted above and others that doubtless will be

To receive a copy of the review, please email me (
using the appropriate SUBJECT field for the type of file you want:

         Word 97: "review doc" (the quotes don't matter)
        Rich Text Format (RTF): "review rtf"
        Portable Document Format (PDF): "review pdf"

Remember, put these expressions in the SUBJECT field of your message
to me. This will trigger an automatic reply. A Word or RTF file will
be delivered in a .ZIP archive; PDF needs no compression and will be
delivered in its own format. Word and PDF files will display Greek and
Hebrew fonts; the RTF file uses all-caps transliteration for these

Blessings! (Acts 3:26)

Randy Leedy

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