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Date: Sat Sep 25 1999 - 17:46:51 EDT

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"Carl W. Conrad" wrote:

<excerpt>Perhaps it might be more "profitable" to get a good
translation of

"Jabberwocky" into Koine Greek--or at least more fun, but we have to

our fun where we can and we have to follow our noses when it comes to

research interests.


</excerpt> FABULOUS idea!!! ....but how do we translate
"slithy toves" into Koine?

   Or "mimsy", for that matter...?


You are welcome to consult the archives; this was Jonathan's idea for a
lazy Saturday afternoon's cooperative enterprise in December of 1996.
To be precise it was Saturday, December 7, 1996, and there were a
couple follow-ups on the next day. My own version began as follows:

        <color><param>0000,7777,0000</param>HN BRILLIG, hAI D' APOSTROFAI




I think one of the scholiasts suggested that "slithy toves" bore some
remote resemblance to apostrophes; as for "mimsy," some hold that this
is a variant for "mumsy" as in "mumsy's the wordsy," For that reason,
it appeared that "be mimsy" --or at least its putative equivalent, "be
mumsy", might reasonably be conveyed by hHSUCAZW.

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