Re:Samaritan Pentateuch and GREEK!

From: Robert W Meyers (
Date: Tue Sep 28 1999 - 09:11:23 EDT

Jim Aitken quoted Purvis as follows:

>"The textual tradition of SP agrees with the LXX against MT in
>approximately 1,900 instances [quoting Kahle 1915 on the history of the
>Pentateuchal text]. Some of these are significant textual variants, but
>some are slight, such as the syndetic use of the waw in about two
>cases in SP and LXX against MT's asyndetic construction."

Thank you, Jim, and all of you who so graciously responded to my

That quote hits right on the head what I was looking for. A particularly
"significant textual variant" I had encountered on a debate on another
list was an accusation of Stephen's ignorance, directed my way.

I just recount this off the top of my head, and may have some errors in
my memory: the gist was that Stephen "misquoted the OT and erred"
regarding Abraham's age when his father died. On checking this out
I found that both the SP and LXX had exactly what Stephan quoted,
and it was rather the MT which was the one obviously "in error." The
MT's error further resulted in contradictions within itself; whereas
the LXX left the whole story self consistent.


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