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>A relevant factor here is the dating of the periods of Paul's life,
>and the times mentioned in these two verses of Galatians relate to this: in
>particular, whether the fourteen years of 2:1 has the same starting point
>as the three years of 1:18.
>That is, is Paul referring here to a total period of fourteen years
>(the period of 2:1 having the same starting point as 1:18, i.e.
>concurrent), or seventeen years (the period of 2:1 running from the
>end of the period of 1:18, i.e. consecutive)?
There is another logical possibility, but I am no where near advanced enough
in Greek to know if the grammer supports this. The periods could be
concurrent but not exactly so. IE the three years are contained in the
fourteen but have a different starting point.

The other logical possibility is we are speaking of the same trip up to
Jerusalem but even in translation this seems unlikely.

Thanks for bringing this up. I find the issue very interesting. I'm very
anxious to see what everyone has to say on the grammer issues.

Steve Puluka
Adult Education Instructor
Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh
Little Greek

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