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From: C. E. Core (
Date: Thu Sep 30 1999 - 18:51:12 EDT

Thanks Jim, I see my problem now, I thought "GINWSKEI" would be translated with
an "s" on the ending, but couldn't find anything to help me parse it. I see now
that that it is third person singular, because of it's conjugation, and not it
declension, thanks.

in Christ -chris core

Jim West wrote:

> At 02:16 PM 9/29/99 -0700, you wrote:
> >
> >Could someone tell me if the endings in the first and second Declensions
> >are for both verbs and nouns?
> The endings of the first, second, and third declensions occur on nouns not
> verbs. With one caveat, some of the endings are found on participles, which
> are a hybrid of verb and noun. Normally, however, verbs are conjugated and
> nouns are declined.
> best,
> Jim
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