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From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Thu Sep 30 1999 - 06:12:45 EDT

At 3:28 PM -0600 9/29/99, Dmitriy Reznik wrote:
>Dear Carl,
>Some time ago we discussed the meaning of PEIRAZW. Most of the opinions were
>that this word meant "to test" and not "to entice to sin". Now I wonder how it
>can work for example with Gal 6:1:
>SKOPWN SEAUTON MH KAI SU PEIRASQHS (...considering thyself, lest thou also be
>tempted). If "tempted" here is not "tempted" but "tested", how can it be
>understood? Maybe this word can mean "to fail the test"?

Yes, if "test" is the sense here, then MH ... PEIRASQHiS might mean "put to
a test (so severe that you cannot withstand the challenge)." That would be
tantamount to, "lest you fail the test."

Jeffrey Gibson has done quite a bit of research on NT usage of PEIRAZW in
different contexts, arguing, if I understand rightly what he's saying, that
it usually involves a notion of believers testing God. Might I suggest that
you put this question about this particular text to Jeffrey? In fact, I'm
going to send a copy of this response to him and ask what you'd say,
Jeffrey, about this particular passage?

Regards, cwc

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