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From: Jay Adkins (
Date: Mon Sep 27 1999 - 08:47:10 EDT

Carl said;
< but I really don't believe any of us honestly wants to be deluded
< about what the text really means.

As a Little Greek, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those
members of B-Greek who, like Carl, understand that while some, if not most,
of my questions may appear to some as merely looking for confirmation of
the obvious, it is not obvious to me. I do think I have a pretty well
developed understanding of what the Bible says, but I try to remain open to
change. Since I have never claimed to be a Greek Scholar, as I learn more
about Greek grammar, I have to continually change parts of my paradigm and
sometimes do so begrudgingly. One of the principle parts of my
understanding of Theology though is that we have nothing to fear from
truth. Since I do not at present have a hold of all truth, I am in
constant pursuit of it.

B-Greek and its members have helped me in a way no book can. It is the
next best thing to taking a class in B-Greek, which I do not at present
have the opportunity to do. As I study the Greek NT, I have many
questions. I am able to use books to find answers to many of them, other
questions are more difficult and sometimes I fail to understand the books
that I have. Simply by someone on B-Greek rewording what I have already
read I am finally able to understand. Since I am not that bright, even
then I fail to understand at times.

In addition, not all Greek grammars agree. I have Porter's Idioms of the
Greek NT, Wallace's Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics, Dana & Mantey's A
Manual Grammar of the Greek NT, Black's It's Still Greek To Me and am
trying to work through Guthrie's & Duvall's Biblical Greek Exegesis. The
disagreements between these texts serve only to confuse my simply brain at
times, but many of those issues are being addressed by others questions and
comments on B-Greek.

As I struggle to learn Koine Greek, I am thankful for B-Greek as one of my
most valuable tools. I am very thankful of the efforts from the list
administrators and all the contributors on B-Greek. Thank you all.

Sola Gratia,
Always under Grace!

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