Formal apology for my blatant error.

Date: Mon Oct 04 1999 - 17:15:42 EDT

To all b-greekers...large and small;

     This is a formal apology for my blatant error posted on this morning's
b-greek list. I was forwarding a message that I received on my morning's
e-mail and using the mailing list in my aol on-line address book. I ran
through the list not realizing that I had the b-greek address on this list of
friends, relatives, and business associates.

     I was not aware that this had gone out on-line all over the world to my
fellow b-greekers until I came back from lunch. There was a reply from a
b-greeker and I could not imagine how he knew I had just forwarded this
message an hour earlier. I rechecked my address book and there was the
b-greek e-mail address.

     I am proud to be on-line with all of you and have enjoyed your comments
mostly in silence over the past several months. I am sorry that my first
post on-line was inadvertently made. I have always been aware of the purpose
of the list and realize fully that it is not to be used for personal gain. I
hope that all of you will accept my deepest apology and disregard the message.

                                                         Respectfully Yours;

                                                         Don Woolery

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