Re: Sancti Romani Melodi Cantica [Off-Topic]

From: Scott Sherwood (
Date: Mon Oct 04 1999 - 22:43:25 EDT

> And if I decide to
> work my way through
> this volume, would questions concerning grammar and
> translation of these
> cantica be appropriate for b-greek?

I would just like to day that I have studied ( as an
amateur ) ancient Greek music text both sacred and
secular, and also the renaissance and medieval uses of
those ancient texts.

So I would like to declare an interest in the topic,
though I more than suspect it is off topic for

I notice that the study of the ancient church music of
Byzantium, Spain, Antioch, Alexandria, etc helps to
shed light ( I think ) on the dispersion of liturgy,
tradition, and biblical text in the early church.
By studying the diffusion of something "off-topic" (
something I happen to like, the roots of classical
music ) that shares historical space with the church,
I find I accidentally get a better understanding of
the historical context of B-greek, and learn two
things at once.

If anybody else out there is interested in ancient
greek music text ( sacred music or secular theory ),
I'd love to hear about it, although I doubt as a
subject it deserves much space on the list.

Scott Sherwood

PS- I have read selections from:
Aristoxenus on Music
Ptolemy on Music
St Augustine on Music
Guido D'Arrezzo
Vincenzo Galilei "On Ancient and Modern singing"
Giovanni Bardi of Florence
Carlo Valgulio's proem to pseudo-Plutarch's Music
Girolamo Mei on Aristoxenus
Mozarabic chant
Gallic chant
the Magnificat
Byzantine chant
etc etc.

I have built a working model of Ptolemy's ancient
geometric proof of the consonant ratios of the Greater
Perfect System of modes, and I find that some of the
ancient greek terminology here carries through church
history into the renaissance and reformation.

Apologies for being off-topic.


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