Re: 1 Cor 6:18

From: Jim West (
Date: Sun Oct 03 1999 - 08:23:22 EDT

At 11:31 PM 10/3/99 +1300, you wrote:
>Hi Jim

>So every (other) sin is outside the body? Even
>pride, cursing, etc.?

In an odd sort of Platonic way, yes. If I read Paul right here he is saying
that adultery/fornication is a sin which one commits against oneself, while
other sins are sins which one commits against another.

>> Best, and hows the Spring there in New Zealand?
>Lovely. My deep red magnolia is just starting
>to blossom.

I bet that is glorious to see. A neighbor down the road has a beautiful Oak
tree and every year in the fall it turns the most incredible red hue. Its
my favorite tree... but again I digress.



Jim West, ThD
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