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Date: Tue Oct 05 1999 - 19:39:58 EDT

Steve Puluka wrote:

> >From: Jim West <>
> >At 11:31 PM 10/3/99 +1300, you wrote:
> > >Hi Jim
> >
> > >So every (other) sin is outside the body? Even
> > >pride, cursing, etc.?
> >
> >In an odd sort of Platonic way, yes. If I read Paul right here he is
> >saying that adultery/fornication is a sin which one commits against
> >oneself, while other sins are sins which one commits against another.
> >
> I have heard others comment that this comes from a Platonic dualism as well.
> Do you know where in Plato's works Paul is drawing this analogy from?

I'll do a "Jim West" here. The answer is "nowhere".

There is no evidence whatsoever that Paul's anthropology is that of
Plato, let alone
that he even know any of Plato's works or shared the ontological dualism
advocated by
Plato. Those who assert otherwise have not paid any real attention the
anthropological terms Paul uses or what their meaning was in the first
century. For
more on this, see, among many works discussing the alleged parallelism
of Paul with
Plato, R. Jewett's _Pau's Anthropological Terms_ , R. Gundry's _Soma in
Theology_, and Leonard Audet's "What is the risen 'spiritual body' ?" in
Digest 21 (1973) 1-4.


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