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From: Trevor Jenkins (
Date: Fri Oct 01 1999 - 03:49:34 EDT

Carl W. Conrad says:

> At 10:17 AM -0500 9/30/99, David A Bielby wrote:
>>I noticed that some companies use Unicode. This allows a user to
>>Copy/Paste Greek as Unicode text. Would this allow us to send Greek fonts
>>via email if it were embraced by all?
>>What is the status on the development of a universal Greek Font set we
>>can use in email?
> This question keeps coming up from time to time, but so far as I know, the
> time is still not quite ripe.

There are some of us who still use terminals connected to mainframes for
reading our email. No matter how much computer manufacturers might want it
otherwise this will be the situation for many years to come.

> Jonathan Robie knows more about SGML coding
> (I believe) than anyone else associated with the list ...

Here I disagree. As I was a member of the ISO committee that devised SGML I
claim equal knowledge with Jonathan. :-)

> and about the current status of unicode.

There I'm sure that Jonathan does have better knowledge than me.


Regards, Trevor


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