Re: Word counts for different GNTs?

From: Steven Craig Miller (
Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 09:20:48 EDT

Daniel Ria–o,

<< In my opinion, words in crasis like KA)MOI/ in the beginning of Luc.
should count as two, not one word. Do you know how David Holly counts words
in crasis? >>

David Holly counts that as one word. After all, a word (in this context) is
(generally) defined as a series of characters separated from other words by
a space (oddly, Holly made nine exceptions, which I pointed out in my last
message). Basically when one writes a word count computer program, all one
is really counting is spaces between words. Of course, I have no objection
to people using a different methodology, and thus coming up with a
different set of numbers, as long as that methodology is plainly set out
and understood. But you might also want to give this problem some more
thought before making such a decision.

-Steven Craig Miller (

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