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Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 20:21:25 EDT

<x-flowed>>From: James Ernest <>
>I don't like to post a "commercial", but with
>regard to this thread it seems possibly useful to
>point out that the Hendrickson reprint of Thayer's
>lexicon (ISBN: 1565632095) is available through the usual
>channels in the U.S. I note that CBD is currently
>offering it for $14.95. I haven't checked Amazon.
>In Europe, it should be available from Alban Books.
>The binding is sturdy, and the type is pretty good, given
>that it's just a photo-offset reprint (and the paper is
>too white for my tastes). It's reprinted from the T&T
>Clark 4th edition (1896) with Strong's numbers added in
>the margin for the benefit of folks who find them useful.
>The third printing was done in January 1999.

I purchased this very printing of Thayers book late last year as I began to
become serious about learning Greek. The quality is very good and the cost
reasonable. I do like those funny little numbers because several of my
older bible software allow me to search for words based on these numbers.

The word lists in the appendix are:
Later, Post-Aristotelian, greek words in the NT
Words borrowed from Hebrew
Words borrowed from Latin
Words borrowed from Foreign tongues
Biblical words
Biblical Significations
Words perculaiar to individual NT writers listed by book
Forms of verbs
additions and corrections.

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Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh

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