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From: Brian Swedburg (
Date: Fri Oct 08 1999 - 14:07:16 EDT

    I am so appreciative of this list and the charitable spirit that
it's leaders bring. It was great to be able to send out by S.O.S. fro
Lk 1:54 and know help was on the way. It is also encouraging that
Conrad would call us to some good use of these language skills by
giving input to the translation of the liturgy. Thanks.

    1. I lost the name of the individual who is sorting out the issue
of reading the actual greek manuscripts behind KJV and NIV translations,
etc.... As a little Greeker, I must say that Metzger's standard "The
Text of the New Testament" sounds like the perfect aid for grasping
these things. My proff. Jon Venema, who may be lurking about, also had
a succinct 20+ page handout on the subject he might make available.

    2. Concerning the Matt 19:9 strain, if MH EPI PORNEIA is indeed a
parataxis, then it need not be associated with the protasis/ apodosis of
the conditional clause. ( Parataxis, as defined by G.B. Caird in "The
Language and Imagery of the New Testament" is 'the placing of
propositions or clauses one after another, without indicating by
connecting words the relation between them'. p117 I only defined
parataxis because someone in a former discussion was not familiar with
the term.)
    Given this possibility, we find that translation using 'except' need
not be defended on the basis of lexis alone, but may also be an attempt
to supply the 'missing' connecting word. This does not solve the mystery
of what the connection is, but it may suggest that returning to Jesus'
words in ch. 5, and the exception made there, is a reasonable choice.

Thanks to all,
M.A.E.T. Student Western Sem.

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