Re: 1 Cor 6:5, outsiders?

From: Steven Craig Miller (
Date: Fri Oct 08 1999 - 19:02:41 EDT

To: Rion K. Reece,

<< Is it possible here to read, "despised by the church" [at 1 Cor 6:4]? I
am a little bit unclear as to when EN should be taken as 'in' and when
'by'. >>

The Greek preposition EN often means (a) "in" or "at" when it has a
locative sense ("in Sparta," "at Sparta"), it means (b) "(with)in" or
"during" when it has a temporal sense ("in five years"), and it means (c)
"by" when it has an instrumental sense ("by the eyes"). The phrase "by the
church" would seem to indicate agency, and if that was meant one might
expect to see the preposition hUPO (especially with the passive participle).

By this I don't mean to suggest that it is impossible for the preposition
EN to be used to express agency, but it wouldn't be normal.

-Steven Craig Miller (

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