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>> I think you're right on the matter of an origin, but the real
>> problem
>> remains how we are to understand KATA PANTA and DIA PANTA. Do you
>> mean to
>> say that they have no helpful NT parallels or source?
>KATA PANTA is found 105 times in Scripture (98 in LXX, 7 in NT).
>DIA PANTA is found once (Ezek 33:29).
>KATA PANTA KAI DIA PANTA is not found anywhere in Scripture.

So I guess we'll have to check out those examples and see how many--if
any--appear in statements comparable to that of the "Divine
Liturgy"--assertions regarding the nature of what one offers to God. The
raw numbers are interesting, and especially, I guess, the fact that there's
no instance of the combination of KATA PANTA KAI DIA PANTA.

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