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Date: Fri Oct 08 1999 - 09:52:19 EDT

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>My reservation regarding the statement cited by Steve regards the
>phrasing "in behalf of all" in the 'official' English version to
>convey KATA PANTA. I think that "in behalf of all" is misleading
>because "in behalf of" or "on behalf of" in English is normally used
>in phrases where the object of "of" is a person or group of persons
>FOR WHOSE SAKE some action is performed. I think that's where the
>confusion entered into the vernacular versions of this phrase:because
>"in behalf of" suggests an action performed on behalf of persons, the
>translation "we offer in behalf of all" does suggest
>that the offering is made for the sake of persons rather than with
>respect to acts performed by Christ. It seems to me that it is at
>least possible that this is the source of the confusion about the
>phrasing which brought the matter to the attention of B-Greek in the first

Clearly this is also the position of Father Shereghy. He obviously had
reservations with the Slavonic and English versions of this text. The
Slavonic clearly refers to the people as the closing phrase "in behalf of
all and for all" (vs'ich i za vsja), is connecting gramatically to the "we
offer"(prinosim) just as the current English translation renders this.

This book was published officially under the Metropolitans seal and the gift
of this text was a Christmas present to the active Cantors in the greater
Pittsburgh area who were particiapting in the Advanced Cantors Institute at
the time. I have no doubt that Father Shereghy's views on these matters
were valued by our Church authorities.

The Liturgical commission for the United States is preparing the release a
revised translation of this service late this year or early next. I will
see if they are visiting this text as part of this revision. This will be a
murky area as we normally come to English directly from the Old Slavonic in
all our Services.

>There's also the confirmation here of what Ben Crick and others had
>previously suggested, that the phrasing "we offer from your own" does
>indeed derive from the offertory prayer in 1 Chronicles 29:14 in the
>phrasing of the LXX.

Thanks for the reminder. I forgot to express my congratulations to Ben
Crick for correctly identifing this source immediately. I'm embarrassed
that I did not pick this up sooner since these texts are on my lips every

Steve Puluka
Adult Education Instructor
Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh

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