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Date: Sun Oct 10 1999 - 18:22:21 EDT

At 11:27 PM +0200 10/10/99, wrote:
>By hermaneutics do we mean cultural and life-style settings? I'm not
>exactly sure what is meant by hermaneutics and if in fact we would all
>have the
>same concept of it.

By hermEneutics we mean the set of assumptions we make about interpretation
of the text, particularly insofar as those assumptions are consciously and
deliberately applied to the interpretation of a text. "In the context" of
this thread, I think it means quite simply the readiness to take "the
context" of the phrasing of the text seriously when interpreting it. I was
myself trying to draw a distinction between "hermeneutics" (with a
lower-case 'h') "common-sense" approach to understanding ANY and EVERY
literary text and "Hermeneutics" (with an upper-case "H") as a doctrine of
scriptural interpretation that may vary considerably with one's distinct
theological perspective and faith-commitment. I think we're talking
"hermeneutics" whenever we endeavor to interpret a Biblical Greek text, but
we try to avoid "Hermeneutics" as a potentially divisive topic among
list-members as diverse in theology and faith-commitments as we are.

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