Re: John 6:29 & the Present Tense & 6.30 Nonnos Paraphrase

Date: Tue Oct 12 1999 - 11:44:02 EDT

For y'all's lucubration, Nonnos paraphrases the verses as follows:

VI:120 et seq.

120 (28b) eipe, ti ken rizwmen, hopws theotert\pei thesmwi
121 erga theou telesoimen; (29) anax d' e^meibeto muthwi;
122 orthe^n pistin echontes hopws dexe^sthe phanenta,
123 hontina keinos epempen. (30) epephthegxanto de laoi;
124 poion eeldomeois se^me^ion ammi telesseis,
125 ophra ke teithoimestha theossuton ergon idontes:

Tony Prost
All Nonnos All Day

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