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From: Jeffrey B. Gibson (
Date: Sat Oct 02 1999 - 11:24:39 EDT

Ed Gorham wrote:

> BDF cites the use of MH as a way if indicating exception. Also, EPI used
> with the dative often has the sense of "on the basis of". Combined with the
> negative particle, I would think that an acceptable translation would be
> "not on the basis of" adultery, which is a more literal way to say "except
> for".
> I'll be interested to see the Big Greek responses to your question.

This issue was thrashed out in some detail between Ward, Carl, and
myself some time
ago and should be available in the archives.

But I note here that my position on this was that the expression
functions as the
equivalent to "not even on the basis of PORNEIA". That is to say, rather
allowing an exception to a prohibition on divorce, Jesus in Matt
undercuts and will
not acknowledge as legitimate the one reason (PORNEIA -- however
interpreted -- see
M. Git) that all parties in the Judaisms of the first century allowed as
justification of divorce. And thus, instead of contradicting what Mk 10
has Jesus say
on the issue of whether divorce was ever legitimate, Matthew actually
this teaching.



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