Fw: Jn 20.22

From: N & RJ Hanscamp (nar.hanscamp@clear.net.nz)
Date: Wed Oct 13 1999 - 19:25:47 EDT

Thank you for all your replies so far. I have added some "bits" into the
conversation below.

>> I'm unsure that I understand your (Nigel Hanscamp's) question. What do
>> mean by "imperative force"? Do you merely mean to ask what type of
>> imperative it is? Such as, whether it is a command, prohibition, request,
>> etc.?

Yes - sorry I worded it poorly

>> Effectual reception? The context might imply effectual reception, but the
>> aorist imperative at Jn 20:22 is simply an exhortation. If I have a bowl
>> grapes on a table and I say to my guest: "Take some grapes" there is no
>> effectual reception of the grapes, just a request, yes?
>Per Steven Miller's hypothetical situation, that is not the language I
>use to guests. To guests, I might suggest "Have some grapes," while to my
>children, if I want to require them to sample some grapes, I might demand
>"Take some grapes." This latter phrase would be *intended to be* more
>effectual! It occurs to me that English may *lexicalize* the aspectual
>distinction which is exhibited more often in Greek by the aor./pres.

Lexically this may be the case, but in the context Jesus had effectively
thrown the grapes to them and then said "Catch". They seemed to have no
choice in the matter. Is this the force of the imperative?


>Another quick example that comes to mind of lexicalized aspect in English
>'enter' vs. 'go in'. 'Enter' focuses on crossing the threshold.

So 'receive' in this case focuses on ... the moment of reception?

Nigel and Rebecca Hanscamp
Trinity Methodist Theological College
Auckland Consortium of Theological Education, New Zealand
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