Re: Jn 20.22

From: Carlton Winbery (
Date: Wed Oct 13 1999 - 23:08:09 EDT

Carl Conrad wrote;
>I didn't think I had ever said anything about "reception" being implied by
>the imperative; I meant simply to say that the aorist used in this
>imperative indicated the intent that the reception urged by the imperative
>LABETE should actually work, whereas LAMBANETE might only lead to a little
>bit of cautious sniffing at the air as Jesus ENEFUSHSEN. There was a nifty
>verbal exchange in an old Danny Kaye film (Court Jester?) where
>instructions have been given and then this little dialogue: A: "Get it?" B:
>"Got it!" A: "Good!" I think that Jesus is saying, with LABETE, "Get it!"
I got it the first time. What's so difficult about understanding that the
risen Christ, in the experience of the disciples, communicated to the
disciples his desire that they receive the Spirit. No, nothing in the
imperative tells us that they did, but everything about the story in John
leads us to believe they did.

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