Spiritual Death...

From: Brian Swedburg (brian@discoveryhills.org)
Date: Wed Oct 13 1999 - 15:44:11 EDT

Lee and Others,

I am still digesting your inquiry about Col 2:12 and John 19:30. I have
two questions for this dialogue.

1. Can you give a synopsis of this idea of Jesus' spiritual death, or
a referance for further reading, I've not come across this before.
(Which is'nt really surprising for a novice.)

2. Since God APOKATHLLAXEN through the blood of His cross in verse
20, I am inclined to begin exploration of verse 22 thinking a second
reference to God's act of reconciliation likely refers to the same
physical death on a cross?

M.A.E.T. Student Western Sem.

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