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Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 23:11:23 EDT

At 07:11 PM 10/7/99, Dave Scarpino wrote:
>I understand there is a difference between earlier and later Greek MMS and
>that the earlier the better, but
>could someone tell me where I can acquire copies of these MSSs that were
>used in translations,
>so I may see for myself why translations varied so much.
>I will look into, Nestle-Aland's "Novum Testamentum Graece" (27th edition)
>and the NA27, which I have neither copy.

The NA27 presents the modern critical text, which now the basis of most
modern translations, including the NIV. It has an apparatus that shows
the textual variants among many manuscript copies of the New Testament.

For a beginner, you may find the apparatus to be obscure and difficult
to read. In that case I would recommend Dr. Reuben Swanson's presentation
of the material in a clear, easy to compare format. You can get a copy
at the following web address.

The KJV is based on a different Greek text, commonly referred as the
Textus Receptus (TR). Unfortunately, the apparatus of the NA27 does
not list the readings of the TR. If you wish to compare the TR and
the critical text, you could look at Hodges & Farstad's GREEK NEW

Stephen Carlson

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