Re: PEMPTAIOI in Acts 20:6 D

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Date: Thu Oct 14 1999 - 20:35:38 EDT

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>To: Clayton Stirling Bartholomew, Jim West, et al.
>CSB: << It does seem a little weird for an adjective functioning
>semantically as
>an adverb of time to be in agreement with the subject of the verb. >>
>Interesting. Although perhaps not quite the same thing, we do have such
>expressions as: day-laborer, night-watchman, and weekend-warriors.
>At Acts 29:6, we find:
>(a) ACRI(S) hHMERWN PENTE supported by B et al.;
>(b) APO hHMERWN PENTE supported by P74, Sinaiticus, et al.; and
>(c) PEMPTAIOI supported by D.
><< 1243 has acrh >>
>Is ACRH even a Greek word?

yes, and I cited the manuscripts which use it.


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