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Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 - 08:29:00 EDT

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<DIV>Friday, October 15, 1999 9:03 AM</DIV>
<DIV>Trevor and Margaret Nicholls wrote</DIV>
<DIV>| This question is not about the (so called) Pauline privilege,<BR>| before
anyone tries to link it with the Matt 19 thread :-(<BR>| <BR>| v12 (similar v13)
"and she agrees to dwell with him"<BR>|&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; KAI AUTH
her"<BR>|&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; MH AFIETW
<BR>| <BR>| Do these present tenses mean:<BR>|&nbsp; a. if she gives her
agreement now to continue to live with him<BR>|&nbsp;&nbsp; he should not leave
her?<BR>|&nbsp; b. if she continues to agree to live with him he should
not<BR>|&nbsp;&nbsp; leave her (until and unless she no longer
agrees)?<BR>|&nbsp;&nbsp; c.either of the above, with no preference?</DIV>
<DIV>Just of couple of points to make on this, </DIV>
<DIV>1.&nbsp; APISTOS might just as easily be a reference to
"unfaithfulness"&nbsp;in the marriage, rather than&nbsp;"unbelief" in
Christ.&nbsp; If it does,&nbsp;that makes what we generally consider to be a
Pauline "concession" very much more in line with what Jesus said.</DIV>
<DIV>2. Are we giving sufficient force to the SUN of
SUNEUDOKEI?&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;If, as I would suggest, it refers to a MUTUAL
agreement then neither of them would want to leave.&nbsp; In this case the force
of what Paul is saying surely must be that a couple should not think that they
are OBLIGED to split because of marital infidelity.&nbsp; The only thing that
might make them think they were so obliged would be a particular understanding
of what Jesus had said.&nbsp;&nbsp;In other words Paul is clarifying some of the
points of the discussion we have recently been having on the list.</DIV>
<DIV>I'm sorry to be seen as the one that tries to link it back.&nbsp; In my
defence I would say that my point is to do with the Greek words APISTOS and
SUNEUDOKEI themselves.&nbsp; I would make the same points even if we hadn't had
the previous discussion.</DIV>
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