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From: Greg Kilbrai (gkilbrai@cableregina.com)
Date: Mon Oct 18 1999 - 02:36:50 EDT

From: Geoffrey Lessel <glessel@mail.smu.edu>

>I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good Greek Bible that I could
>get and where I could get one. I've seen parrallel ones, but don't want
>those because I want to learn to translate, not just look at the Greek and
>go "Hmm...I wonder what that means" and then look a few inches to the right
>and find out what someone else thinks. Also, are there any that aren't
>hardback, especially like the leather-bound ones that most Bibles are? One
>more question: is anyone on this thing in the Dallas area? Just wondering
>about a good church to go to here. Thanks for ya'll's time!

If you're just beginning in Greek and wish to learn to read and build your
vocabulary (and grammar recognition) without consulting a lexicon every few
seconds (like I found myself doing) , I recommend
"Refresh Your Greek" by Wesley Perschbacher.(1989, Moody Press). This
resource was pointed out to me by list member Ed Gorham and I've found it to
be the best investment I've made so far. I'm working at reading through the
GNT in the order suggested and am on my fifth book so far, and very much
enjoying the process.

It uses the UBS text with footnotes that parse and give basic definitions of
words used less than 50
times. Words used more than 50 times are listed in a vocubulary at the
beginning of the book, and there are supplemental vocabulary lists at the
beginning of each book of the NT. It is in hardcover textbook form.

I saw a recent post saying it is out of print; I got my copy this January
through Christian Book Distributors, but I don't know if they still stock

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