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Date: Sun Oct 17 1999 - 09:19:45 EDT

At 7:46 AM -0500 10/17/99, Steven Craig Miller wrote:
>To: Carl W. Conrad,
><< As for DIKAIOS, the word must be understood in the context of Matthew's
>gospel as a recurrent and important theme word to be considered in all of
>its applications ... >>
>Perhaps, but I would note that a number of scholars disagree with you
>here. Father Brown [1977/1993:125] writes:
><< Although DIKAIOS, "upright, just" is a favorite Matthean word ... The
>most likely meaning of "upright" here [at Mt 1:19], namely, observant of
>the Law, is not the usual meaning of DIKAIOS for Matthew ... >>
>And Davies and Allison [1988:203] write:
><< ... DIKAIOS should not be understood as Matthew's preferred technical
>term for true Christian disciples; and in 1.19 the word simply indicates
>obedience to the Torah. >>
>Of course, these things are always a judgment call, and I wouldn't want to
>suggest that your interpretation has no merit. On the other hand, it seems
>to me that it would be a mistake to assume than any author always uses each
>term consistently in the same way throughout one's writing.

Well, I wouldn't assume that even about you; in your previous post on this,
you were urging that DIKAIOS meant "civilized" here. Of course, you weren't
arguing now for your view but against mine.

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