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Date: Mon Oct 18 1999 - 22:47:54 EDT

At 04:16 PM 10/18/99 -0500, Steven Craig Miller wrote:
>But I would
>suggest that there are perhaps three reasons why one might want to
>seriously consider understanding Jn 19:25 as referring to four women:
>(a) the reason the KAI is omitted before the first MARIA is because John
>lists two sets of pairs: the two sisters and the two Marys;
>(b) the normal order is proper name first followed by an articular
>substantive of relationship in apposition; and
>(c) it would be very unusual to have two sister with the same first name.

The last reason was decisive for BAGD's endorsing of the Four Women
Hypothesis, s.v. KLWPAS "This woman can scarsely be identical w. the
sister of Jesus' mother who has just been mentioned (without being
named), since then we should have to postulate two sisters w. the
same name, Mary."

I suppose one rejoinder is to follow Hegesippus (mentioning a Clopas
as a brother of Joseph) and postulate that they are sisters-in-law
with the same name. By the way, does anyone know the Greek word for
"sister-in-law"? I got lots of hits on Perseus for "mother-in-law,"
"father-in-law," "brother-in-law," and "son-in-law," but no hits for
"sister-in-law" (or, for that matter, "daughter-in-law").

Stephen Carlson

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