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From: David Housholder (
Date: Tue Oct 19 1999 - 18:14:45 EDT

<x-flowed>At 08:28 AM 10/19/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>Does this mean you don't carry your Liddell & Scott's lexicon (my lexicon
>of choice) around wherever you go?

I criticized the developers of QuickVerse 5 because they included Liddell
and Scott in their Greek NT package. I was under the impression that L & S
focused more on classical Greek and so missed out on the specific NT
vocabulary and meanings. Did I miss understanding the real value of L & S?

>I have all six editions of the UBS texts (1, 2, 3, 3c, 4, & 4.2) as well
>as a dozen or more editions of the Nestle/Nestle-Aland texts sitting on my
>shelves next to my desk (that is not counting other editions).

I don't share with you the size of the collection (hmmm, let me count;
there are six Greek NT's on my shelf. Actually eight if you allow an
interlinear and Perschbacher's _Refresh Your Greek_. The big problem is
that they are doing just what you described most of the time -- sitting on
a shelf.

Hypothesis: I can remain a rusty in NT Greek with ONE Greek NT sitting on
my shelf as I can with SIX Greek NT's sitting on my shelf.

So my current tool to challenge the cobwebs is the Daily Passage built into
QuickVerse 6. I have selected several New Testament books, chosen the Greek
NT as the version, set my reading plan as a one year plan, and thus
prepared a tool that reminds me every day to read the 12 to 15 verses
assigned for the day. When I open QuickVerse and choose the Daily Passage I
see the calendar and the passage assigned for the day. If I click on that
passage it is displayed in its own window. I can then check it off as read.
It's gentle nagging, but it helps :-)

David Housholder

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