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Date: Wed Oct 20 1999 - 11:21:03 EDT

At 9:54 AM -0500 10/20/99, Perry L. Stepp wrote:
>In all the discussion yesterday, no one really pointed out (unless I
>completely skipped over it) the chief advantages of the NA over the UBS for
>most users, namely the extra apparatuses (apparatii? apparatix?) . . .

I guess we'd better stick with "apparatuses"--the Latin plural of
"apparatus" is spelled the same as the singular (it's a fourth-declension
noun), but the U is short in the singular, long in the plural. The paradigm
is in Horace's Odes 1.39.1, where 'apparatus' is accusative plural (he's
expressing his disdain for alien luxuries at a banquet):

        Odi Persicos, puer, apparatus ...

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