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Date: Wed Oct 20 1999 - 14:24:04 EDT

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> At 10:15 AM 10/20/99 -0500, you wrote:
> >What? You got by without learning the Greek original? Well, so did I. If
> >someone has access to the autograph MSS, we could use a little help here!
> >Someone from the TC list?
> >
> In Codex imanotkiddingensis the greek has "kalos" which i think various
> translators have rendered in different ways. 'gracious' fits as well as
> 'precious'- thus, here again we have an example of the original text
> informing us of the facts as they really are.
> by the way, codex imanotkiddingensis dates to the year 12, wehn jesus was
> strapping lad of 12 in the temple.... it is the oldest ms of all.

I think that's age 17 (born 6 B.C.)!

Joe Friberg

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