Virus Alert

From: Ronald & Kimberly Wong (
Date: Sun Oct 24 1999 - 22:00:31 EDT

This is a for a C:\coolprogs\prettypark.exe
This is a virus that is in the wild according to Trend Micro:

it is called Troj_pretty_park.

This virus, as far as I can find out not exactly dangerous to
your data. What it does it simple.
an e-mail is sent to you.
you open the attachment
try to run the attachment
The effect:
it reads your address book
and sends a message to your entire address list with two lines:

TEST: pretty park.exe

(then) your name

so that you feel like it is safe for you to open.

You will not know it has been sent. It will not appear in your outbox or
sent files.
This has already happened to me..
I'm sure you've receieved it. I apologize.
if you've not opened it...DELETE it..
watch for computer problems...
I do not believe it has infected any files that I know on my computer...

God bless.

Ronnie Wong
Beachville AC Church
OBrien, FL

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