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Date: Wed Oct 27 1999 - 13:11:49 EDT

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Stephen and Dr. Carlton, thank you for your thoughtful responses!
<p>Dr. Carlton, you wrote...
<p><i>This short paragraph is among several sayings</i>
<br><i>pericope that have been removed from their context and cannot now
<br><i>related very well to what is around them. This is also the case
of the</i>
<br><i>opening statement, EN EKEINWi TWi KAIRWi APOKRIQEIS hO IHSOUS EIPEN:</i>
<br><i>EXOMOLOGOUMAI SOI, PATER, . . . As the beginning of this paragraph
<br><i>seems very strange. Did God ask him a question?</i>
<p>BAGD (p93) says that <i>APOKRIQEIS&nbsp;&nbsp; </i>in this verse is&nbsp;
a Hebraic continuation of discourse i.e... "continuing, Jesus said".
<p>Being young in my Greek studies, I'm not familiar with APOKRIQEIS being
used this way often.&nbsp; Is it in your experience?&nbsp; Is this a viable
<p>I realize that if your verdict is in that this is a wisdom saying, or
remembered saying of Jesus, drawn from a theorized document such a Q, such
a connection would appear fictitious.&nbsp; Yet, I am open to the possibility
that our author is telling it like it was, and am therefore interested
in this connection of pericopes.
<br>Student Western Sem</html>


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