"one' in John 10:30 and Gal 3:28

From: Tony Costa (tmcos@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Oct 29 1999 - 10:12:27 EDT

<x-flowed>Dear Friends,

  I had a question re: the translation and meaning of hEN in John 10:30 and
hEIS in Gal 3:27. I understand that in the Johanine passage, the word
translated "one" is neuter and refers to the oneness Jesus claims to have
with the Father; whereas in Gal 3:27 Paul uses the word hHEIS in reference
to the unity of believers in Christ.hEIS in the Galatians passage is in the
masculine. My question is as follows, why didn't Paul use hEN in Gal 3:27,
or why didn't John utilize hEIS in John 10:30? Why is the neuter form of
"one" used in John 10:30 and the masculine in Gal 3:27? Many thanks.

                                           Tony Costa, B.A.
                                           University of Toronto

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