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From: Dr. R. (Ron) E. Pound (
Date: Sat Nov 06 1999 - 09:58:28 EST

Hi everybody, greetings from the hills of West Arkansas (please don't hold
that against me, not a native.) I am nearly 60 and a strong lover of both
Old and New Testament Textual criticism. I am also on B-Hebrew list
fellowship and enjoying much discussion on the influence of Hellenistic
Greek culture on the Jewish-Hebrew writings, both before, during and
following Christ and His apostles. I amso the owner-moderator of the old
school Baptist fellowship, and also I am on The Historic Baptist

I am an old school Partiuclar Baptist (some call us Hardshells.) I am also
the Curator of The Old Faith Baptist Library, all the known Particular
Baptist writings during the 1600s. Many we have placed into modern digital
formating in Word 97, free for all who want them. I also have a strong love
for Christology.]

I love all Biblical Greek translations. Have been tranlsating off and own
since the early 60s. But, I do not consider myself a scholar in any way,
only a learner. So I am happy to find this list and look forward to your
help on many, many points.

I am doing a lot of research on the different LXXs, more importantly the
pre-Christ LXX, translated and published by Hebrews near 132 BC and the
different attempts of Jewish and para-Christian Jewish folks following
Christ beginning with Acquila.

One of my main points is the study of Old Testament quotations in the New
Testament, the variants between the present Masoratic Text and the older
Dead Sea Scrolls and their variants from the LXX and from what I believe
was an older Hebrew Text. The issues surrounding Isaiah 7:14 serve as an
example of this.

Glad to be on this fellowship study list and look forward to much help,
Debtor (Ron).

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