Re: "thousand" - "chilia" why is it said not to be declinable?

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Sun Nov 07 1999 - 16:57:46 EST

At 7:33 AM -0600 11/7/99, Michael Lyda wrote:
>The word in the new testament for thousand is said not to be declinable.
>Why? Does any one have any insight on this or suggestions of where to
>search for info?

I'm wondering where you derived that information. I find eleven instances
of CILIOI,AI,A in the GNT, of which 8 are neuter plural CILIA in agreement
with ETH ('years')--2 in 2 Peter 3:8, the other 6 in Revelation; two more
are acc. pl. fem. CILIAS in agreement with hHMERAS, and one genitive plural
neuter CILIWN in agreement with STADIWN (and also the numeral hEXAKOSIWN

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